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Blog Oct. 10th, 2007 @ 10:55 pm
New blog: http://www.djsterf.net/blog

I'll update this one jokingly every now and then, but this new one is going to be more deep/serious/funny/me.

Sakura Yay Aug. 3rd, 2007 @ 02:34 am

Video on YouTube


I don't really post any semi-serious stuff to LJ anymore.

GOTCHA YES Jul. 28th, 2007 @ 06:42 pm


How to 500 Jul. 24th, 2007 @ 10:14 am
I wonder what it'll take to get to 500 Single AAAs

I have 459, so I have 41 to go.

Songs left:
18 left on Extreme, mostly consisting of songs I don't want to play at all.
8 left on SuperNO, but I'd prefer spending less money on a patched than more on an unpatched (here).
5 exclusives left on Max2, but I'll need to be by a Max2.
4 exclusives left on Max since I haven't played any of the exclusives.
1 exclusive left on 4th Solo, which is ultra frustrating since Gotcha lags & drifts a TON throughout.
1 exclusive left on Euromix 2, which is Don't Try To Stop It :-X

Word is also that someone in Winston-Salem has a home 5th mix.

I've played 5th mix all of twice. I have 32 to go on 5th mix if my count is correct.
Solo 2000 would also have a few exclusives to add, albeit they're not the greatest.

So essentially, if I found a 5th mix for an extended time and played songs I hate, then I'd reach 500 pretty quickly.

Jun. 30th, 2007 @ 08:18 pm
- Preaching JULY 8, EVENING (6 pm) at Cary Alliance Church in Cary.
- Kids are insane at the Salvation Army. One kid dropped a turd on the ground, one kid punched me in the stomach (thankfully I'm fairly ripped in that area LOL) and ran for the door (he didn't know that I ran Nationals a while back)
- Working on Uru Live (Myst Online). Almost fully caught up w/ 7 months of new content, and I'm on day 9 of when-I-have-time play. This is pretty fun. I've got the rest of the series crushed. I'm alt-tabbing between that and this so I can catch a portal in Negilahn.

Other entries
» (No Subject)
» Crazy Los Tres Last Night
Dang. Last time I went to Los Tres Magueyes, the food was not spicy. I went last night, and DANG. It messed me up today like crazy. It burned like crazy twice, and really caused a lot of pain! I thought you might want to know that, so I posted this on my LJ.


Tomorrow's lesson is on John 4.

Beast mode activate.

Uhh...what's interesting.... Ok here:

Which of the three should I get?
(1) 3 months of eHarmony
Reasoning - I don't go to bars or clubs, and I'm not really available much as-is during the schoolyear for dating. This would be an extra outlet to find decent matches for relationships while I have a lot of time.
(2) A Bowflex
Reasoning - My legs are really strong, but I stopped upper-body workouts when I tore my right delt a while back. That hurt like crap.
(3) A Nintendo Wii
Reasoning - My friends/hallmates would use it more than I, but I could give the Gamecube to Natalie & Evan (niece & nephew) and still be backwards-compatible with games.

Copy this meme since it doesn't apply to you, and paste it ten times in Green font mode!
» July sermon
Ok, done with sermon draft for the July sermon.

That's about all for now.

Salvation Army go!
» Ginuwine
I'm preaching at church on one of the first Sunday nights in July, not sure which one yet, though.
» Cavs vs. Pistons
That game was completely nuts! Did you see that game? Lebron James dunked it TWICE in the last minute of regulation...and then insanely brought his team to a win in double-OT. That was the best NBA game/performance I've seen since the pre-first retirement Jordan era.

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